V-Motion™ Technology

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Whether you’re looking for high performance, low maintenance, or both; the new Element V™ Automatic transmissions are right for the job. Equipped with our own V-Motion™ Technology, these transmissions offer a totally unique solution to the riding lawn mower market.

V-Motion™ patented technology is based on a CVT, Continuously Variable Transmission, system. Unlike traditional gear transmissions, V-Motion™ equipped transmissions are infinitely adjustable to match your acceleration needs. Eliminating the need to shift, you won’t lose any of the momentum that can be lost when you shift gears with a conventional transmission.

CVT is not new or unproven technology. Conceptualized by Leonardo da Vinci more than 500 years ago, it has been used for years in snowmobiles, performance motorcycles, heavy equipment, and is now replacing automatic transmissions in some automobiles. Today, several leading car manufacturers are designing their drivetrains around CVTs.

Advantages of CVTs

Features Benefits
Constant, stepless acceleration from a complete stop to full speed Eliminates "shift shock" for a smoother ride
Responds better to changing conditions, such as changes in throttle and speed Power available when you need it
Less power loss in a CVT than other transmission types Less HP required, improved fuel efficiency
Allows continuous speed change even under torque Improved operator control
Stable performance over time No adjustment needed, maintenance free